What a Mortgage Broker Can Offer You

Today I’ll share with you some of the gifts of working with a mortgage broker.


In today’s world, we’re surrounded by technology. Without a filter, technology can be very dangerous. Let me explain what I mean.

When you’re on a mortgage website or an online solution, do you click the “I Agree” button regarding the site’s rules and disclosures without even reading it? I’ve done this, and so have many others.

In the mortgage underwriting business, they rely heavily on algorithms to collect data electronically. As you can imagine, it could be dangerous if the bank or lender saw data that you didn’t want them to see or even knew they had access to. Once a computer sees your information, it can’t unsee it, and once a bank gets a hold of that data, they’ll have all the data they’ll need to base their credit choices on.


      The safety filter that mortgage brokers provide is invaluable.


When you work with a mortgage broker, not only do they make the process quicker and easier for you, but they also keep your sensitive information private. That way, you get the best rate the market can offer and you can be sure that the bank sees the best version of you.

I hope this helps you to stay on top of the changes relating to technology and mortgage loan underwriting—the safety filter that mortgage brokers provide is invaluable.

What a great time for you to discover what your home purchase can look like! All you have to do is reach out to me so that we can speak directly. Together, let’s discover your homeownership! I have a feeling it’s going to be a great call.


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