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What a Mortgage Broker Can Offer You

Today I’ll share with you some of the gifts of working with a mortgage broker.   In today’s world, we’re surrounded by technology. Without a filter, technology can be very dangerous. Let me explain what I mean. When you’re on a mortgage website or an online solution, do you click the “I Agree” button regarding […]

The Advantages of Owning a Home

If you’re a renter, there are several key reasons you should consider purchasing a home.   Why should you own instead of rent? That’s a great question, and today I’ll share the key advantages of homeownership. When we rent, we already know what happens: You have a flexible, month-to-month or yearly relationship with your landlord. […]

How to Convert Your Equity into Cash

Today, let’s talk about the ways that home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) can benefit you as a homeowner.   Unlike a traditional mortgage, with a home equity line of credit (HELOC), you’ll only be charged interest on a given month based on the amount that you’ve used. That means, as you use the HELOC […]

Part 6 of 7: The Ability to Repay Law & Quali...

Welcome to part six of my seven-part series about the big changes that have happened since the mortgage meltdown! Today I’ll discuss the Ability to Repay Law and the Qualified Mortgage Rule. Giving loans to people without validating their ability to repay them is called “blind lending,” and this partially contributed to the 2008 market […]