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Living in LA for Free

Want to live in LA for free? Check out this property.   Today I’m near downtown LA to show you an amazing property. I recently visited with a real estate friend of mine who told me all about this new listing he had. “Scott, you’re literally minutes from USC, St. Mary’s University, and everything that […]

I Found a Way to Get a Free Car

Refinancing saves you enough to get other resources you may need.   Opportunities are likely hiding in your home that you didn’t even know were available. The money you save by taking advantage of current refinancing opportunities can be spent investing in other resources, like a vehicle. Today I’m out at the Lexus dealership looking […]

Amazing News From the Lending World

I have some exceptional news to share from the lending world!   I have some wonderful news for you from the lending world! Right now, the industry is celebrating the lowest interest rates in history! It’s an excellent time to be a homebuyer or refinancer. People are locking in interest rates in the twos. Though […]

An Update on Mortgage Forbearance

If you have another option that will allow you to make your monthly mortgage payment, opt for that instead of a forbearance. Here’s why.   A mortgage forbearance is an opportunity for consumers who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak to contact their loan servicer and request a short-term extension on your payment […]

Good News About Appraisals

I have some excellent news to share about appraisals. During this health crisis, those looking to purchase or refinance a home may get an appraisal waiver. Data is already gathered for a ton of houses in your community, so for many, a waiver means the data at hand is enough to validate the risk. However, […]

Appreciate Life Differently

  Why do bad things happen to good people? These are things that interrupt normal life; they create contrast. The coronavirus is interrupting everything we’re familiar with, but it’s also allowing us to appreciate life differently. Today I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you and your family are […]