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Good News About Appraisals

I have some excellent news to share about appraisals. During this health crisis, those looking to purchase or refinance a home may get an appraisal waiver. Data is already gathered for a ton of houses in your community, so for many, a waiver means the data at hand is enough to validate the risk. However, […]

Appreciate Life Differently

  Why do bad things happen to good people? These are things that interrupt normal life; they create contrast. The coronavirus is interrupting everything we’re familiar with, but it’s also allowing us to appreciate life differently. Today I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you and your family are […]

A Fun Blooper Reel for You

I’ve shot many videos, but a lot of the footage was left on the cutting room floor. Here’s a quick reel of some of my favorite bloopers.   I take my business very seriously, but I don’t take myself quite as much so.  Although the videos I send out are polished as a final product, [...]